Zan Freckles Hickory

Docs Hickory Doc Bar

Zan is a 3 year old with 6 months training.  By Zan Freckles Hickory  out of Peppy Mint Sweet, she is a very sweet filly  started late for futuirtys. Showing to be a very good horse and coming along well in her training , $6500.00

Miss Chickasha
Miss Zan Freckles Colonel Freckles
Miss Gold Zan

Peppy Mint Sweet

Smart Peppy Lena Doc Olena
Smart Peppy
Dun It Sweetly Hollywood Dun it
Melonkali Sweetie

Meet Tricia Purcell

Growing up in the Bitterroot Valley, in the small community of Corvallis Montana , I had the opportunity to grow up across the road from a horse ranch, which was a great thing because I was horse-crazy!! In order for me to get my first horse, Jack, I halter broke a group of weanlings for Delbert Carter for trade. From that point on, I have worked with horses, doing anything from working at a race track learning horse nutrition, training, and soundness to working at a cutting horse ranch, loping horses, and learning everything I could about cutting. During this time, I also started taking in horses to ride on the side to do training of my own.

In 1995, I met a lady that had great influence on my life, Mrs. Mary Moranville. Mary was involved with reining horses. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! So I started learning to ride a reining horse. I have learned from the best including Bob Loomis, John Slack, Todd Bergen and Craig Johnson. I have also ridden with many top Montana reining trainers. Reining has a lot of horsemanship skill to it, but to add to my knowledge, I also attended several colt starting clinics with Jon Ensign and Jeff Griffith of Bozeman and Brad Cameron of Corvallis , learning better ways and a more natural horsemanship method. In short, I have invested a great amount of time, energy and money honing my skills and building my background, so I can teach others and compete on a higher level.

I have had several wins in MRHA Shows in reining. I continue to seek out opportunities to ride with those I feel can enhance my knowledge. I recently spent some time riding with Dave Leithhead, 2007 APHA reserve champion reinier to refresh and hone my skills.

Moving to Helena in 2004 afforded me the opportunity to building my business in the North Valley. I feel that the knowledge I have gained through experience and participating in clinics and competitions, I have a lot to offer anyone interested in learning. I am currently instructing 17 students with lessons and have 4 horses in training.

If you are interested in lessons, coaching, training or horse sales, please feel free to contact me.

"Completing the Circle of Communication Between Horse and Rider"


ASK YOURSELF: "Do I have the complete obedience of my horse? Do I have a "connection" with my horse? Does he understand my commands, and if not; Why not?

There are several reasons that the communication circle is broken or not completed at all.

Confidence of the horse, confidence of the rider, lack of knowledge of proper cues and "feel" of the horse are all important.

Training of the horse and rider, and coaching are key to fusing the break.. completing the circle.

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